Creating a more integrated system of hospital care

What are we doing?

Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) and Kingston General Hospital (KGH) are joining forces to operate as one organization on two sites. HDH will continue to provide specialized outpatient care while KGH will provide complex and specialized inpatient care and cancer care.  The new academic health sciences centre will have a single Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, executive team and budget. At the same time, the integration of the two hospitals will respect the mission, values and culture of each site. HDH will retain its Catholic identity and mission and KGH will remain a secular site.

Why are we doing it?      

We believe this new organization will help us to address many of the challenges hospitals are now facing as they work to provide high-quality patient- and family-centred care. These include:

  • an aging population, including many people who are living longer with chronic diseases that require intense care over long periods of time
  • provincial budget pressures that limit resources available to hospitals
  • a fragmented health-care system that is hard for patients to navigate.

HDH and KGH already have a 20-year history of sharing programs, services and people, and many patients already receive care in both hospitals.

However, we know we can make better, more strategic use of our collective resources if we take the next logical step to integration. 

One organization with one strategy, team, budget and priorities will lift us to a new level of innovation and investment that will mean improved care for patients and families.

For example, implementing a new chronic disease management program would present a big financial challenge to HDH, but supported by the joint resources of an integrated organization the program becomes possible, which meansbetter patient care, reduced hospital admissions and less pressure on Emergency Departments.

Integration is all about coming together to create something greater than each of our hospitals can be on its own.  It will allow us to allocate resources where they are needed to improve care and benefit our health-care system.  We will be better positioned to respond to future opportunities and challenges, and even to secure new funding for leading-edge procedures and programs.

When will we do it?

We expect our new integrated organization to be in place by April 1, 2017. Right now, HDH and KGH are focused on the legal, financial and regulatory work required to put a new corporation in place.

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